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Kevin Chatwood

Hanshi Chatwood

Hanshi Kevin Chatwood been active in the martial arts for thirty-eight years

and is certified in instructing police and military personnel.

Along with his Instructor Master Douglas Grose (10th) Dan (1922 – 2006),

Founder of the American Jiu-Jitsu Karate Association International ( Est. 1945),

he has taught police and military personnel, private and corporate security teams

and undercover law enforcement and professional bodyguards.


He has been recognized for his contributions to the martial arts by the AJKAI,

the International Okinawan Budo Kai, the All Japan Seibukan Martial Arts Association,

the Universal Martial Arts Association and many other martial arts organizations.

He is the first recipient of the Soke Mike Hancock Modern Day Warrior Award

from the Universal Martial Arts Association.


He holds Kudan rank in Shinto Yoshin Ryu Jiu-Jitsu, Shichidan in Shinmei Shorin Ryu &

Shuri Ryu Karate-do and holds several Dan ranks in Kobudo, Judo and Aikido.

During the late 70’s and early 80’s Hanshi Chatwood fought undefeated in

tournament and professional kumite.


He is Vice-President of the AJKAI and is a Life member of the AJKAI, IOBK,

UMAA, and associated with and is an advisor for numerous Martial Arts



He is currently instructing private students and completing a book & DVD

on Shinto Yoshin Jiu-Jitsu that was started with his Instructor.


He can be reached at