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AJKAI & IOBK Summer Seminar 2013

August 09, 2013
9:00 A.M.  –  3:00 P.M.

Douglas L. Grose Memorial Martial Arts Tournament

August 09, 2013 Seminar With Col. James Gifford 7th Dan
Shinmei Shorin Ryu & Shinto Yoshin Ryu
Seminar will include Okinawan Classical Bunkai as applied to Jiu-Jitsu and Self-Defense.
This is a must for all Martial Artists, Military and Law Enforcement personnel. Male/Female

August 10th, 2013 Tournament Open to All Martial Artists!
Sponsered By: Harrison & Dorris College of Martial Arts
Peoria, Illinois

Contact Ms. Vera Harrison: (309) 251-8588

  • Forms TKD and Karate
  • Breaking
  • Weapons
  • Olympic Sparring
  • Point Sparring
  • Special Athletics Division
  • Tag Team; (Olympic Sparring & Point Sparring
  • Grappling