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Welcome to AJKAI


Welcome to the Official American Jiu-jitsu Karate Association International web site!

Membership in AJKAI is open to all martial artists and styles. It is the goal of the A.J.K.A.I. to form an association for all martial artists to develop a common bond. To learn and expand the concepts and principles involved in the martial arts. To bring together martial artists from all styles so they can see the differences and similarities of their styles and learn from each other in a brotherhood of cooperation. We pride ourselves on having a diverse Association so we can further the concepts and teachings of the Arts and serve our members to the fullest in their quest for excellence.

About the Author

Hanshi Kevin Chatwood been active in the martial arts for thirty-eight years and is certified in instructing police and military personnel. Along with his Instructor Master Douglas Grose (10th) Dan (1922 – 2006), Founder of the American Jiu-Jitsu Karate Association International ( Est. 1945), he has taught police and military personnel, private and corporate security teams and undercover law enforcement and professional bodyguards.

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